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At Homestead Timber Frames, our mission is to ensure that the vision of every client is incorporated into their custom timber frame project while staying true to the craft of timber framing. It is not just a job for our team, it is a passion, and our goal is to show that in all that we do.

Crafting Your Family Legacy

Since 2006, we have been on a mission to transform dreams into reality for customers all across the United States. We create not just buildings, but legacies that stand proud for generations. As a team of experts in handcrafted timber framing, we bring to life a diverse range of projects nationwide – from enchanting custom homes to functional pavilions, cozy cabins, sturdy barns, and beyond. Our passion extends to crafting exceptional hangars too, understanding the unique demands each structure brings. With our commitment to serving clients throughout the country, we take pride in delivering outstanding craftsmanship and superior service to every corner of the nation.
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Timber frame Pergolas. Yes, we build those too.
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Each Beam Joint Tells A Story

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Merging traditional techniques with modern design, we ensure every structure isn't just built, but is artfully crafted for both longevity and captivating aesthetics. We believe in a meticulous design process where every detail is a reflection of your vision, tailor-made to your satisfaction.
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Embracing Tradition, Building The Future

Founded in 2006, Homestead Timber Frames began as a humble vision to revive the art of timber framing and transform it into architectural masterpieces. Over the years, our dedication to combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design has set us apart in the industry. From our first project to the hundreds that followed, we have stayed true to our mission of creating not just structures, but lasting legacies. With each timber frame home, barn, or pavilion, we have not only built structures but have also woven stories of innovation, quality, and a deep respect for the craft. Homestead Timber Frames stands today as a testament to the timeless beauty of handcrafted timber framing, proudly carrying forward a legacy of excellence and bespoke design into the future.
veteran owned company
A proud veteran-owned company serving customers across the United States.
veteran owned company
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