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Castle Gwynn Project

Arrington, TN

Castle Gwynn Project

Homestead Timber Frames was chosen by owner Mike Freeman to participate in the expansion of Castle Gwynn, his one of kind medieval castle in Tennessee. Castle Gwynn is located in Arrington, Tennessee, and is home to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival held every year around May. The trusses we are handcrafting will be installed before the festival and will be showcasing a 400 year old French castle Griffin carving.  It will be something to see! Sound intriguing? Check out the Tennessee Renaissance Festival Facebook Page to find out more about the festival.
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Castle Gwynn – Where Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” Music Video Was Filmed

Given that “Love Story” is a re-telling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, it only makes sense that the song’s accompanying music video was shot at a countryside castle that could very well be a relic of 16th century Italy. In actuality, the castle is located nowhere near Italy—it’s situated in Arrington, Tennessee, just half an hour from Nashville, the same city where one of Swift’s many homes is located. And although its imposing edifice looks too majestic for this structure to be an actual home, Castle Gwynn is actually a private residence. Want to know more? Check out this House Beautiful article, Inside The Castle Where Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” Music Video Was Filmed.

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