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A successful building project is composed of well-managed details.

Where To Begin?

A successful building project is composed of well-managed details. The first step in building a timber frame home is to choose a qualified company. We believe you make this decision based on three criteria:

  1. The company offers excellent design services.
  2. The company is professional in its services and skilled in its craft.
  3. Personalities that complement yours, creating a sound working relationship. In other words, trust is key to a successful project.
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Embark On Your Timber Frame Journey

Choosing Homestead Timber Frames is an excellent start to building the timber frame home of your dreams. The following six steps describe our process in more detail and will help ensure that you can become one of our family of happy customers.
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We have a process we follow so that you get exactly what you wanted when we've completed your timber frame construction project
Step 1.

Preliminary Design Phase

Our Preliminary Design Consultation encompasses a comprehensive range of timber frame structures including homes, pavilions, barns, and other unique constructions. During the initial consultation, either in-person or via telephone, our design team engages in a detailed discussion about your preferences, budget, style, and spatial needs, complemented by a "Design Considerations" worksheet and your inspirational photos. This collaborative approach leads to the creation of initial sketches and iterative design refinements. Upon completion, you will receive floor plans, exterior elevations, material suggestions, and timber frame quotes, considering site-specific factors.

Timber frame house with rustic charm
Step 2.

Production Agreement and Shop Schedule

Once Preliminary Designs are given final approval on your timber frame project, your sales representative will present a firm quote and contract for the production of your timber frame with start dates, raising dates, and the payment schedule. Upon your acceptance, construction drawings will begin and the specified timber will be ordered.

A deposit will hold your slot in our shop schedule, as it might be a few weeks or months out. We try to make sure your timber is delivered to meet the shop schedule, and joinery is completed in time for the projected raising date.

timber frame home traditional elegance
Step 3.

Contractors and Construction Drawings

At some point you will need to choose and meet with your general contractor to get estimates for your timber frame project and begin planning for the completion of your project. The construction drawings for your project will be sent via email upon completion, as your contractor will need our specialized foundation details before breaking ground.

Early in this process it’s always good advice to introduce your contractor to our Homestead Timber Frames family, so you will have a complete “team” to insure that your project flows smoothly. One of our main goals during the construction phase is to be available to your contractor for any guidance needed.

After weeks of planning and preparation, the actual build on your timber frame home starts with raising the timber frame.
Step 4.

Raising Your Timber Frame

The most exciting day in the life of your timber frame is raising day! You have anticipated this day for months, possibly years. You have imagined what those drawings were going to look like in real life and that day has arrived. Our crew will begin by assembling the bents on your deck and peg them together. Connecting timbers will be arranged in order of installation. When all is in readiness, the crane operator will arrive on site and up she goes! Each bent is raised and secured, one bent to the next. All floor and roof members are flown in and pegged, until the timber frame structure is complete.

A straightforward timber frame composed of four bents and three bays typically takes 1-2 days to assemble and another day to raise. A fourth day may be required to finish pegging the frame. At this time, your contractor may take over and complete the project.

Large dining table in custom built timber frame house with staircase, fireplace and plenty of exposed timber beams provide a charming design
Step 5.

Completing Your Project

The final phase of our process involves collaborating with a general contractor for foundational and finishing work. Our detailed plans include considerations for exterior and interior design elements, like cladding, roofing, window styles, and layout specifics for cabinetry and appliances. We offer various options for timber frame enclosures and insulation, adaptable to your preferences and climate requirements. Whether it's a home, barn, or pavilion, the selection of materials and specific features is coordinated between you and your contractor, with our plans providing a detailed guide. Additionally, we can provide extended interior design services to meet your unique needs, ensuring a seamless and personalized project completion.

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