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Queen Post Truss

May 17, 2024

One of the most iconic and visually striking elements of traditional timber framing is the queen post truss. These intricate structural members have graced the interiors of historic buildings for centuries, combining exceptional strength with breathtaking craftsmanship.

Structure of a queen post truss

Queen Post Design

The truss is composed of a horizontal tie beam supported by angled posts that extend up to a rectangular crown panel. This panel is then connected by two vertical suspension members known as King posts. The resulting design forms a rigid, triangular rafter system that can span impressive distances and support tremendous loads from the roof. Each timber is carefully joined using traditional woodworking joinery like mortise and tenon, creating a sturdy, engineered roof truss.

Combining Function and Beauty

Beyond their engineering marvels, this style of truss is highly prized for their aesthetic appeal. The curved chamfers, robust joinery, and elegant arched shapes transform these structural elements into stunning pieces of wood craftsmanship. At Homestead Timber Frames, we take great pride in hand-crafting authentic queen post truss projects that preserve centuries of tradition while gracing modern spaces with rustic, Old World charm.

Applications and Use Cases

The incredible versatility of queen post trusses allows them to be incorporated into a wide range of timber frame structures. They are ideal for creating vaulted ceilings and open floor plans in homes, barns, restaurants, churches, and event spaces. Their strength makes them suitable for spanning great lengths as roof trusses. Many customers also choose to showcase queen post trusses as stunning focal points in great rooms, entrances, and other living areas. No matter the application, these traditional trusses elevate any timber frame with unmatched artistry. I you would like to learn more about other trusses, see our 5 most common truss styles

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