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At Homestead Timber Frames, it’s our mission to design and build warm, inviting timber frame structures customized to fit the personalities of our clients. Our custom timber frame homes can be built in multiple styles. Our shop is located in the heart of Tennessee’s beautiful Cumberland Plateau, and is open to anyone who wishes to see a timber frame brought to life at the hands of dedicated craftsmen. If you’re interested in the craft of timber framing, we encourage you to pay us a visit. We look forward to meeting you!
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Timber Frame Home FAQs

Timber frame homes are built to last and will carry your legacy, meaning this home will stand for generations to come:
1. Beauty and Comfort: Large exposed heavy timber beams are honest. They put the natural grain patterns, texture, and color variations of each timber on display, adding an organic warmth wherever they are used.  
2. Strength & Durability: Timber frame strength comes in part from the care taken in the design of the structure.  The use of large structural timbers utilization of traditional mortise and tenon joinery allows timber frame structures to be flexible, giving them an advantage when it comes to structural loads as well as seismic activity, wind, and snow.
3. Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly: Timber frame homes can be built as energy-efficient as you wish, ensuring that you stay comfortable while keeping your energy costs low. Timber frame homes mesh well with any design aesthetic, no matter how rustic or modern, due to their own timeless quality.

Typically speaking, building a timber frame house will cost 10-30% more than a conventionally framed house. The costs of building a timber frame home versus a conventional stick frame home can vary depending on how you want to finish out your home. The area of the country you’re building in may play a role in building cost as well. To know exactly how much extra cost you’ll be incurring with a timber frame home, you’ll first need to know whether you desire a full timber frame or a hybrid. Many people who are interested in timber framing may not even realize the difference between the two, but it can make a noteworthy difference on the price of the home. You can learn more about what goes into a timber frame houses total costs.

A combination of heavy timbers and steadfast mortise and tenon joinery come together to create a natural structure with the strength and durability far beyond that of a traditional stick-built home.

Timber framing has been around for thousands of years and can be dated back as far as 200 BC in India, Japan, and throughout Europe.   There are timber frame structures still standing today, such as the Jokhang Monastery in Tibet, which has withstood centuries of weather, earthquakes, and human use, showing the true strength of timber framing.

From Traditional Rustic Homes to Modern Mountain Homes, there is a full range of design choices to make your home fit exactly your vision. From Custom homes to hybrid timber frame homes, you can also get different types of timber framing from wood choices to build types.

You can view our full timber frame gallery to get a quick glimpse into the wonders of timber framing possibilities.

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We’ve had the honor of serving hundreds of happy customers looking to make their timber framing dreams come true.
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