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Building a Timber Frame Barn

June 10, 2021
Timber Frame Barns: this is how we built them. No poles allowed.

Thinking about building a timber frame barn? Bet you never considered all of the uses of the timber frame barn. The barn has made for popular agricultural fixtures and repurposed homes for decades.  Even barns built specifically as homes have been in high demand since at least the 1970’s.  While these structures still serve such purposes very well, we’re here to get you to notice them in a different light.

A timber frame barn is just as versatile and useful as any other timber frame structure.  Sure, you can use it as a horse stable or a home – which we’ll discuss in detail shortly –   but there are plenty of other things you could do with it as well.  Let’s look at five great reasons why you should look into building a timber frame barn.


If you’re looking for a timber frame home that’s unlike any other, consider a barn.  The timber frame barn becomes a spacious home that appeals to lovers of a more rustic style while giving those who enjoy a contemporary aesthetic an expansive decorative playground.  Building a timber frame barn home gives you an alternative that’s just as cozy and inviting as a bungalow or a rancher, not to mention it frees you to dream up a space that’s truly unique to your own personality and lifestyle.

If you want a barn to last, timber frame barns built to your custom specs are the answer.

Timber frame barns make for commercial spaces that fit restaurants, outdoor stores, garden centers or other large retail spaces.  Exposed heavy timbers can lend a quaint down-home quality that can accent your stone or steel building. A timber frame barn offers many opportunities for balconies and natural light while offering the warmth and strength of the wood.


Hosting a wedding or a party in an event barn has been trendy for a long time now.  If you’ve been looking to become an events host but haven’t been able to settle on the perfect venue, a timber frame barn will give you what you’re looking for.  These structures are suited just as well for contra dancing as they are lavish weddings, and they can be built to easily accommodate large crowds.  The addition of a stage and some theatrical lighting will turn your heavy timber barn into a grand concert hall or playhouse with plenty of seating or standing room.

Artists rendering of elaborate two story timber frame "party" barn with fireplace and outdoor porch

There’s no space better suited for a garage, a workshop, or a man cave than a timber frame barn.  Open floor plans ensure that you’ll have plenty of space for vintage vehicles or table saws and drill presses, while bars, pool tables, and home theater setups fit right at home alongside rustic exposed timbers.  Of course, if you’re not planning on showcasing your vintage car collection or needing your own hangout space, timber frame barns make for excellent large garages to store your everyday vehicles with enough room for a moderate sized workspace or an apartment on the second floor.


Of course, a heavy timber barn provides a great livestock stable.  The aisles are more than large enough to make room for individual horse stables, and you’ll have plenty of room on your upper and lower levels to store hay bales and farming tools.  If you’re looking to build a livestock barn, you’re likely seeking a traditional look with very few frills.  You don’t get any more traditional than a handcrafted timber frame!

Stalls in custom timber frame barn.

What you see here is just a sampling of what you can do with a heavy timber barn.  If you’d like to learn more about how a timber frame barn could suit your needs, give us a call or visit us today.  We’ll be happy to assist in the development of a grand heavy timber structure that’s just right for you.  

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