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The Benefits of a Timber Frame Hangar

December 22, 2021
Artist rendering of front view timber frame design for airplane hangar

A timber frame airplane hangar is likely something you have never thought of owning. After all, most hangars are made of metal, which is sold as being more durable and offering more protection for your planes, helicopters, jets or even your collectible antique cars.

Over the last few years, metal plane hangars being the norm has changed.

Timber Frame Hangars-strong with protection against the elements
Timber Frame Hangars

Commercial clients have started looking more toward timber frame structures in recent years as a more reliable and stable structure type to replace metal and stone. This includes timber framed airplane hangars. While the rustic beauty of a timber frame airplane hangar is certainly more appealing than the cold, unfeeling aesthetic of metal, those who seek to have timber frame plane hangars built are quickly discovering that these structures offer more benefits than traditional metal hangars.

If you're looking to have a plane hangar built, we invite you to stick around. Today, we're going to discuss some of the top benefits of having a timber frame airplane hangar.

timber frame airplane hangar


Metal is durable, sure, but when stacked against elements such as:

  • Excess rainfall
  • Heavy snowfall
  • Harsh winds

Metal plane hangars tend to have a fairly short lifespan, unless you're willing to pay a lot of money for a lot of maintenance. Without that attention, metal plane hangars tend to corrode and rust, leading to structural failures such as bending and collapses. With a well-designed and expertly constructed timber frame airplane hangar, you'll get a durable structure that can easily stand up to the most harsh elements without bending, buckling, or breaking, and will last for years to come.

artist rendering corner view of custom timber framing for small plane hangar


As mentioned above, metal requires a great deal of maintenance to keep it from wearing out before its time. It costs a great deal of money and time to prevent rust and corrosion from eating your metal plane hangar away inside and out. From extensive pressure washing on the outside to using caustic metal cleaning solutions to preserve the inside, metal plane hangar maintenance is not only costly, it can also be hazardous to both your aircraft and your health.

Maintaining a timber frame airplane hangar is nowhere near as intensive, costly or harmful as maintaining a metal airplane hangar. With natural polishes and waxes that are designed to preserve your timber and are often applied just before or during a raising, your timber frame plane hangar should be able to go without reapplication of preserving polishes or waxes for years to come. All you need to do is keep your hangar clean and presentable!


Perhaps the biggest, and most-lasting benefit, of owning a timber frame airplane hangar is knowing that you're playing a role in helping reduce carbon emissions. It has been found that timber frame structures both play an active role in reducing the amount of carbon in the air and the construction and raising processes emit less carbon in the air than fabrication of steel parts. Steel structures alone tend to emit a great deal of carbon back into the air, making them somewhat harmful to the environment just by even standing. With strong timber capturing the emissions both in the air and from your aircraft, you're drastically reducing carbon footprint. Isn't that cool?

Timber frame airplane hangars offer complete customization

If you're still on the fence about your next plane hangar being a timber frame, let us help you make the leap! Our trusted timber framing experts are always happy to discuss the benefits of any kind of timber frame structure. Chat with us today or schedule an appointment to meet us at the office by filling out our online contact form or giving us a call at (931) 484-7059!

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