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If you're thinking about building a timber frame structure in Texas, you're in the perfect place. We would be honored to help you create your dream project right in your backyard, using only the finest timber. Together, we'll craft a structure that showcases the beauty of timber framing and complements the stunning natural landscapes that make Texas so special.
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Why Trust Homestead for your Timber Frame Build?

At Homestead, we have been on a mission to transform dreams into reality for customers just like you since 2006. Our expert woodworkers pour their heart into handcrafting and signing every piece of award-winning timber that leaves our shop, creating structures that your family will cherish for generations. You can trust us to turn your vision into a lasting reality, as our experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence have earned us several design and service awards from Houzz.

Why build with a timber frame over traditional construction?

Timber frame construction offers several advantages over traditional framing, including greater structural stability, improved energy efficiency, and the ability to create open, spacious interiors with fewer load-bearing walls. Additionally, timber frames are often crafted from sustainably sourced wood, making them an environmentally friendly choice. The natural beauty of exposed timber frames can also add a unique aesthetic appeal to a building, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

A few of our beautiful timber frame builds.

Browes through more inspiration in our gallery of past projects.

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Our Texas Timber Framing Services

We’ve been able to work with a wide range of timber framing needs. From building your dream home to commercial needs, we can handle it all.


At Homestead Timber Frames, it’s our mission to design and build warm, inviting timber frame structures customized to fit the personalities of our clients. Our custom timber frame homes can be built in multiple styles, tailored to your unique floor plan preferences.
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A timber frame barn is not just a functional structure; it’s a blend of art, tradition, and utility. Its timeless appeal, coupled with its strength and versatility, makes it a desirable choice for various applications and a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate its unique qualities.
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Scoggins Party Barn-an example of why timber frame barns are better than pole barns
Closeup of timber frame pergola. There's a lot more here than meets the eye


A timber frame pergola is an outdoor structure typically used in gardens or patios, built using the timber framing technique. It features heavy wooden beams and posts joined together traditionally, often creating an open lattice or framework on the top.
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With a wide range of residential and commercial timber frame pavilions options and customization available, starting from the foundation all the way to roofing choices and hidden weather proof electrical wiring, the possibilities are endless.
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Let it snow. Timber frame cabins like this one with fireplace keep you safe, warm and cozy.


The use of renewable resources in timber framing underscores its eco-friendly advantage, promoting energy efficiency through natural insulation properties of wood. This construction method allows for flexible design options, enabling custom, open-concept layouts that maximize space and light.
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Porches, Awnings, and Entryways

How your home looks from the curb has a lot of influence on how people perceive your home will look on the inside. Having a timber framed entry gives your home a warm, welcome place for guests and family to enter into your humble abode.
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Timber Frame Hangars-strong with protection against the elements

Airplane Hangars

Discover the unique blend of functionality, beauty, and environmental responsibility with timber frame airplane hangars. Crafted from renewable resources, these hangars stand out for their natural wood construction and exquisite exposed beamwork, offering an unmatched aesthetic appeal that complements their surroundings.
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Commercial Timber Framing

Due to its structural integrity, strength and durability and energy efficiency, timber frame construction is particularly suited to commercial projects which are usually subject to the wear and tear of more foot traffic than the average residential timber frame build.
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What Types of Wood Are Offered?

Homestead Timber Frames typically employs local White oak for interior timber frames and Baldcypress for exterior timbers. Specifying and using timber local to us minimizes transportation costs, uses trees locally harvested from forests that naturally recover, and provides our clients with a beautiful timber frame using timbers of known provenance and quality.

If you wish to use your own timber, it is allowed after it passes a grading process to check for things that would cause structural failures and issues.

Timber Frame Wood Types
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Custom Plans vs Templated Kit Plans

We pride ourselves on crafting custom-tailored designs that bring your unique vision to life. While each project is one-of-a-kind, we invite you to browse our extensive collection of plans and designs, which serve as a wellspring of inspiration and can even be replicated if you find the perfect match for your dream home or structure. Check out our complete gallery of past work for more inspiration.

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Our Timber Framing Process

Our process begins with a Preliminary Design Consultation, where the design team collaborates with the client to create initial sketches, floor plans, and exterior elevations. Once the designs are approved, a production agreement is signed, and construction drawings are created while the specified timber is ordered. The most exciting day is the timber frame raising, where the crew assembles and raises the bents, connects timbers, and completes the structure, after which your general contractor takes over to finish the project according to the detailed plans provided.

delivery of your timber frame

Can you deliver to my build site in Texas?

Yes, your timber frame project will be conveniently delivered directly to your build site via flatbed truck.

How Much does timber framing cost?

Historically, timber frame packages can range from $65 - $150 or higher, depending on the amount of timber framing and complexity of the design. Larger timber frame projects like fully timber framed homes and barns tend to be on the lower end of that spectrum because larger areas can be covered with larger, but fewer pieces. This price range for a timber frame package usually includes other necessities such as tongue and groove roof decking and installation by our very own crew of seasoned professionals.

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Who We Serve

At Timber Frame Homes, we cater to Texas home owners, contractors, and business owners alike. Regardless of your background or role, our dedicated team is committed to helping you craft your legacy by bringing your timber frame dream to life. Whether you're envisioning a cozy family home, a stunning commercial space, or a unique project, we're here to guide you every step of the way.
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Proudly Serving The Great State of Texas

With its wide-open spaces, stunning hill country, and vibrant cities, Texas is an ideal location for a timber frame home. Homestead Timber Frames can help you create a custom residence that showcases the state's natural beauty and provides a warm, inviting space for your family to enjoy.

Regions in Texas that are popular for timber framing:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas
  • Houston and the Gulf Coast
  • Austin and the Hill Country
  • San Antonio and South Texas
  • El Paso and West Texas
  • Amarillo and the Panhandle Plains
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