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An Impressive Entry

January 30, 2024
beautiful wooden king post accent for timber frame entry way and porch on a home

An impressive entry into your home is the sneak peek into the wonder that is waiting within.  It creates the first impression and can be a wonderful opportunity to express you and your personality.  The grand entrance of your home will be the first and last thing anyone sees when visiting.  In addition, it could be a turning point for potential buyers in the future. 

Smaller timber frame trusses or bent systems matching your timber frame interior over your front door or as an extended cover over your entry is a great way to welcome guests into your timber frame home. Curves or accents that mimic the style of your front door could provide the texture and flow that you desire.  The goal is to create a warm, covered, comfortable landing with good lighting for safety and convenience.


A brightly colored door would really stand out, make a bold impression, and add a bit of personality. Using a color from your brick fireplace for your front door, along with your beautiful timbers will complete your homes exterior perfectly. Full length windows on both sides of your front door will open the entry way making it appear larger. Double doors would also make for a wider and more open entrance.  A detailed accent window, perhaps a round shape or half moon shape would fit perfectly above your door within the space of your extended timber frame trusses.   With a little planning we can help you create the perfect impressive entry into your home. Learn more about our Timber Porches & Awning Services come by today and lets work together on your vision of perfect.

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