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Wiring An Outdoor Pavilion

March 23, 2022
Timber frame pavilion with a with outdoor entertainment area

When it comes to enjoying your timber frame pavilion after the sun sets or during warmer climates, the addition of lighting, ceiling fans, and electrical outlets can transform your outdoor space into a versatile entertainment area. The challenge, however, lies in integrating electrical service within the open structure of a timber frame pavilion while ensuring the wiring is both safe and invisible. Over the years, we have honed several effective techniques to meet these challenges head-on, ensuring our clients can enjoy their pavilions to the fullest.

Our Wiring Objectives

Our primary goals when wiring a timber frame pavilion are:

  • Safety: Implementing wiring techniques that ensure the safety of the structure and its occupants.
  • Client Satisfaction: Fulfilling our clients' specific wiring needs and preferences.
  • Efficiency: Streamlining the process for electricians, making their task straightforward and efficient.
  • Aesthetics: Concealing wiring to maintain the natural beauty of the timber frame structure.

Planning and Implementation

The first step involves detailed planning. We begin by listing all the fixtures and amenities our client desires, from lighting to fans and outlets. We provide expert placement suggestions that not only avoid structural joints but also maximize the aesthetic and functional impact of each element. Following client approval, we identify the optimal wiring routes and methods.

Our preparatory work includes detailed shop drawings that feature channels or chases for wiring and specially designed pockets for electrical boxes. These provisions accommodate everything from lighting and fans to switches and outlets, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with the structure. We ingeniously create channels atop roof timbers for wiring, which is laid after the timber frame is erected but before the roof decking is installed. Ceiling boxes for lights and fans are flush-mounted on the underside of timbers, prepared in advance to facilitate the electrician's work.

Overcoming Challenges with Innovation

Timber frame posts offer a unique challenge, especially when all sides are exposed and visible. To address this, we developed a novel two-step channel approach. The initial, deeper channel houses the wiring, while a secondary, wider but shallower channel is cut over the first. After the frame is up, the electrician places the wiring in the deeper channel. A fillet strip, crafted from the same material as the frame, is then installed over this channel, flush with the post's surface, and can be removed for future wiring updates if needed.

This innovative technique ensures that once the timber frame pavilion is complete, the wiring remains entirely hidden from view. While we stop short of calling it magic, the seamless integration of modern electrical conveniences into these traditional structures is indeed a kind of magic, allowing for a blend of rustic beauty with contemporary comfort.


Wiring a timber frame pavilion requires thoughtful planning, skilled execution, and creative solutions to ensure the electrical installations are safe, functional, and invisible, enhancing the enjoyment of these beautiful outdoor spaces without compromising their aesthetic integrity. Through our dedicated approach and innovative techniques, we make it possible for our clients to enjoy their timber frame pavilions under any conditions, whether it's basking in the glow of ambient lighting or staying cool under the breeze of a ceiling fan.

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