A home frequently requires the services of a general contractor to oversee the foundation work as well as finishing out the home after the timber frame portion is up. As we get deep into design we will be keeping the interior/exterior style you’ve communicated to us within the overall layout. Color renderings will help you ‘see’ the project as it will appear when finished.

Our Construction Documents* will specify exterior cladding, stone work, roofing material choices, and trim accents. Window styles will be accounted for along with a window schedule. Locations of kitchen/laundry/mudroom cabinetry and appliances will appear on the floor plans and requested bath fixtures will be labeled. It is between you and your contractor to discuss costs associated with these interior features and to choose cabinetry, appliances and bath fixtures. Flooring selections, lighting, interior door styles and built-ins should be discussed as well. Normally there are ‘budget allowances’ in the cost to cover these items. Most of our clients desire custom cabinetry, specialty doors, etc. If you wish for more interior design services, we can accommodate those requests at an additional rate. You have choices to enclose your timber frame such as Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s), typical stud wall construction to surround the frame, an in-fill system with 2×6 stud walls or even hay bales if you live in a suitable climate. Insulation comes in a variety of products and should correspond to your area. Your contractor will be able to offer which system is best suited for your budget and your home design.


Barn plans will include foundations, interior walls, stairs, bathrooms, roofing plans, doors, windows, etc. Choices of siding/roofing, lighting and stall enclosures (if applicable) are between you and your contractor even though our plans will include siding style, stonework, window and roof styles that you requested or that we feel best suit your needs.


Pavilions can be so many things! You can put as much or as little as you want in a pavilion. Our plans can include outdoor kitchens, bath/changing rooms, huge fireplaces, or a central fire pit. Obviously in the planning stages we will address all your requests and explain the schedule of any conventional building to be done in conjunction with the timber frame. There are also wiring chases for fans and lights to consider in the design phase. A simpler pavilion may only require a foundation plan.