Homestead Timber Frames has worked on many successful building projects with professionals such as yourself. Given the complexity of a custom project whether it be a home, a public pavilion, or a commercial project our Team can provide you all the necessary tools to incorporate heavy timber into your design.

Our Services and Products Include:

  • Specialty Heavy Timber Trusses and Architectural Timber Elements
  • Timber Frame design & production
  • Consulting on wood species and connection options
  • Heavy Timber Supplier
  • Timber Hardware Supplier
  • Cutting timber frame and raising options

Over the years we have collaborated successfully with regional builders and national developers on barns, homes, pavilions and commercial projects. Homestead Timber Frames embraces working with innovative professionals who value excellent craftsmanship and service.

We are your complete source for Heavy Timbers, Timber Hardware, and Timber Frames. Call us today!