The shop doors swing open early every morning as the joiners and designer begin the day. These are not just men coming to work to make a living. These men come together to design and craft timber frames. They have a passion for what they do and they look forward to the challenges of the project at hand. None of us profess to be expert at this ancient craft, rather we all strive to do our best.

We’re proud of our creative team and the fact that we work so well together. We’re a family of woodworkers crafting oak timbers into structures of timeless beauty—each one unique.

We welcome your dreams into our shop. You will be delighted with the craftsmanship we enjoy doing
every day.

“The rooms of his house shall be ample, and low, wide-windowed, deep-seated, spacious, cool by reason of shadows in summer, warm by the ruddy glow of firesides in winter, open to wistful summer airs, tight closed against the wintry blasts: a house, a home, a shrine….”

– William L. Price