Our Timber Frame Story

It all started over 30 years ago, when Bruce and Cyndy decided to build their own comfortable timber frame home on their recently purchased farm. It took four months to finish that first simple frame and a year before they could move in, but they were immediately hooked. The tremendous skill required took time to develop while using unfamiliar tools; the fresh white oak timbers were heavy and intimidating.  The prospect of building a new home seemed overwhelming at times, but the rewards greatly outweighed the challenges. Their home exemplified the handcrafted features they treasured most while providing them with the foundation for the next phase of their life.

Not long after, a couple asked if Bruce and Cyndy would build a timber frame for their new home, and a small business was born. With Bruce’s background in construction and his brother helping, they worked hard to become masters of their craft. With no one to learn from, they taught themselves in the back aisle of the barn on the farm and produced a lot of expensive firewood; but with every mistake their understanding and skills grew.

During this time the Timber Framers Guild of North America was formed. The Gardners were fortunate to discover and to attend the Guild’s second annual meeting in Marlborough, VT.  Their strong interest and excitement created an opportunity for Cyndy to be asked to chair the conference for the following year. Over the next several years, she and Bruce became very active within the Guild with Bruce serving as President of the organization during the early 90s.

Today, Bruce and Cyndy feel extremely fortunate to guide their company of talented craftsmen and designers to make their clients’ timber frame visions come to life. Their deep love of designing interesting, challenging, and beautiful structures leads them to describe Homestead Timber Frames as the “perfect business” for them.

The shop here at HTF is always open for visits, and everyone is encouraged to stop by and observe our joiners at work. Come discover the pleasure of working with a group of dedicated Tennessee craftsmen who genuinely love what they do!

Drop us a line to find out how to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

“Bruce and Cyndy Gardner are great people. The craftsmanship and service provided by Homestead Timber Frames and their team are second to none. I would highly recommend them!”

-Houzz Reviewer


Homestead Timber Frames is located in the heart of Appalachian country where high value is placed on recreating the art of long ago. The Cumberland Plateau is a natural wilderness area that stretches from northeast Alabama to the far northern hills of Kentucky. Its beauty is unmatched anywhere in the U.S. with the number of waterfalls that are located within its boundaries. Life is old here and smiles are plenty. We are proud to be a part of Cumberland County and the work ethic that comes from its heritage. Crossville is located right off Interstate 40 midway between Knoxville and Nashville. Smell the oak shavings upon entering the front door and hear the chisels carving out mortises by hand. Yes, our timber frames are still handmade the old-fashioned way up here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. Our company holds dear the responsibility of sharing our craft with interested people. Please feel free to contact us with your building questions, whether you consider yourself a timber frame buyer or not.

“Its walls shall be the quiet background for the loveliness of life, hung over with the few records of our own and others’ growth made in the playtime of art; its furnishings the product of that art’s more serious hours….”

– William L. Price