Working Your Personality Into Your Timber Frame Home

Posted by Cyndy Gardner on September 5, 2017

IMG_2335-1Let us start off by saying that a timber frame home comes imbued with a personality that’s all its own.  The home you plan can be as small as 850 square feet or as large as 4,500 square feet and the timber frame that holds it together will stand larger than life, drawing eyes and calling plenty of attention onto itself.  However, if you really want your timber frame home to “shine”, so to speak, fill it with your personality and you’ll add more light and life to your timber frame home than you could ever imagine.

When our design team is working on a new timber frame home, our primary goal is to design a functional space that’s customized to fit your needs and project your lifestyle.  Another goal that is important to us is to have the timber frame compliment the home – not ‘take over’ the feel of the spaces. To accomplish this, we make it a point to get a feel for who our clients truly are, and that starts with our initial communication. Those first conversations – be they by phone, by email or in person – are the best way for us to gauge what type of timber frame home we’ll end up building for a client, and we do this by asking a few simple questions:

  • What is your budget?
  • What do you love most about your property?
  • Are you going for a particular architectural style?
  • Do you plan on this being your forever home?
  • What do you consider most important in life?

Humble_Abode_Dining_Woodstove_StairsSome of these questions may seem routine, but they’re very important in figuring out who a client is and what they may be looking for.  Take for example a client who tells us that they love the idea of “getting away from it all”.  They want to get away from overcrowded spaces and technology for a while and enjoy a bit of solitude.  Ideally, this client isn’t looking for a “forever” home, but perhaps a little cabin or home that tucks away nicely on three acres of forest land may be just right for them.  On the opposite side of things, another client with a similar three acres may be seeking a large “forever” home that’s wide open and perfect for entertaining.

Our first consultation with a client is our best chance to see their personality, and it is also where we learn the most about that client’s “dream” home.  Each new client comes with their own unique personality that directly ties into the home they’ve dreamed of for decades.  It is our job to take that client’s wishes and dreams and weave them into a handsome White Oak or Doug Fir timber frame home that effectively functions as a portrait of who they are.

gb1401241-179_enhIt’s been said that people should fill their homes with what they love – an extension of themselves that brings contentment and peace to their lives.  Your timber frame of natural wood is one of those ‘works of art’ that should bring you pleasure for years to come.  Let your home surround you with the warmth and strength timber frame homes are most noted for.

If you’ve been planning a timber frame home, it’s time to build one that’s customized to fit you from the get-go.  Give us a call or drop by the office today to start your journey.  You’ll be glad you did!