Timber Frame Porches

Posted by Cyndy Gardner on September 5, 2017

Have you ever driven by a home that really caught your eye?  It’s usually the lines of a house – the placement of an unusual window or the combination of materials used, or maybe the welcoming front porch.  The home stands out from the others around it and, more often than not, expresses the personality of the people within.

While driving through neighborhoods built in the last century, you’ll also notice the many shapes and sizes of front or side porches.  These lovely outdoor covered spaces gave the dwellers a place to relax at the end of the day – converse with their neighbors or even just watch the children at play.  Some front porches were screened in while others created a more formal entrance.  Some wrapped around the house on two or three sides.  No matter which part of the country you lived, porches were very common and used – a lot.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the word ‘porch’ began to represent its present meaning.  This meaning, in its American sense, generally refers to a “roofed, but incompletely walled living area contiguously attached to the frame of a house.”  (McAlester, Virginia and Lee.  A Field Guide to American Houses: Alfred Knopf, 1996)

tf_home1Today we are seeing a resurgence of covered entrances in various styles – some of which offer no protection from the weather or sun.  But they definitely add interest to he home’s architectural style.  Usually these elaborate coverings are created with timber framing.  Some are very ornate and feature complex joinery with curves or just overly large timbers.  These entrances give you a hint of what’s to come once you walk through the front door which presents anticipation and curiosity.

This is where your lifestyle and tastes dictate the type of front porch, veranda, loggia or portico to grace your home.

DSC_2570Here at Homestead Timber Frames we encourage outdoor living spaces within your home design no matter where you live.  We try to match your lifestyle within the walls of your home while allowing you to experience getting into a chair outside easily.  A few steps from the kitchen we see screened in porches for enjoying meals or quiet reading spaces.  So many of our clients take pleasure in having their morning coffee on a porch just off the bedroom or kitchen.  And when winter hits, they can just watch the snow falling and smell that brisk air – all under a covered roof.

We notice people yearn for the older ways of living that include rocking chairs along the front porch to ‘sit and visit a spell’.  Many mention the need for a place to hang porch swings or day beds!  These spaces require a minimum of 8’ if you want to walk in front of someone while they’re seated – 10’ is even better.  One of the most rewarding things about sitting on a porch is enjoying a summer rain or listening to the night time insects.


Timber Frame Gathering Porches


Another popular request in today’s view of a perfect home is for a large timber frame ‘gathering place’ at the end of the house that includes a fireplace or an outdoor kitchen.  This space is usually 16’ x 14’ or larger depending on how many people you usually entertain.  It works perfectly off the Great Room as you can open up large doors to combine the two spaces or the fireplace can be a double sided affair which allows the interior space to be graced with a focal point as well.     

Timber Frame porches can consist of simple or very complex ‘bent’ styles.  The three most common truss choices are King Post, Queen Post or Hammer Beam variations.  Sometimes the size of timbers used in a simple design can add to the ‘wow’ factor, but you will always appreciate the warmth of the wood timbers and the traditional joinery used to connect them.


Adding a Timber Frame Porch to Your Existing Home

Timber frame porches can be added to an existing home for those who want to expand their living space to enjoy the outdoors.  Large porches for those who entertain often feature timber frame alcoves for the kitchen area and even wings for the dining area. Or you can create a more intimate atmosphere with lowered eaves in a smaller size.  When adding a timber frame structure to your existing home we pay attention in design to the style of your home, matching roof pitches and proportions.  As always, your budget will dictate the overall expanse of the project.

If your project involves a timber frame porch addition, a general contractor will be needed to prepare your footings/foundation and to install the roof.  The Preliminary Design phase should involve your Contractor.  Once the project is approved by you a full set of Construction Drawings will be furnished showing construction details.


Creating a Front Entrance with Timber Framing

DSC_2115Welcoming front entrances create a sense of so many things in a home – pride, style, covering from the weather, and a space for the person entering your home to have a moment before the door is opened.  Strong, big timbers provide a sense of security and strength to your home.  Natural materials give the impression of wholesomeness.

The creative aspects are limitless in developing a ‘one of a kind’ heavy timbered front entrance designed just for your home that fits your personal style.  Go ahead – create that air of mystery as to what awaits you inside your handsome timber frame home with a custom designed timber framed porch from Homestead Timber Frames.