Larry Johnson


Larry Johnson | Marketing & Social Media

Hailing from a small North Carolina town many know as “Mayberry,” Larry Johnson and his fiancé, Kristie, came out to Tennessee in 2015 in search of new adventures. He found what he was looking for and joined the Homestead team.

Armed with a bachelor’s in filmmaking, three-plus years of graphic design experience, and a burning desire to create and learn, Larry came in to assist Homestead Timber Frames on the marketing and promotion front. In other words, he’s the fellow coming up with all those wacky social media posts, taking some of those spiffy pictures (and making them look spiffier), pestering folks with video cameras, and more.

When he’s not in the office, Larry enjoys hiking and admiring the great outdoors (often with Kristie in tow) and engaging in other various exploits of a creative nature. Most of those creative exploits may or may not include crafting spooky critters.