Bruce Gardner

Posted by Morris on August 26, 2016

Bruce Gardner

Bruce Gardner | Co-Owner

Bruce is one lucky guy—terrific wife, wonderful children and grandchildren, deep interest in many fine crafts, professional association with dedicated craftspeople, and he enjoys good health to boot. He’s excited by constant learning, natural gardening, and outdoor pursuits such as exercising trout. If you ask him, Heaven is a fine meal in good company, a small fire, and a good book at the end of a challenging day.

Bruce’s role at Homestead is pointing folks toward possible solutions to the challenge du jour, and then staying out of the way while the challenge is met. He is slowly improving in this role. He’s also proud of the fact that he became involved in the early years of the Timber Frame’s Guild of North America and served as President of the Guild’s Board 1991-1993. Realizing the extent of knowledge still to be gained in the timber framing world, he’s happy to continue the learning process for many years to come.